Welcome to the RealmSphere

A private social network for fantasy and science fiction creators and fans of all types.

The mission of Realm Makers is to support Christian writers and artists who create science fiction and fantasy in their journeys from idea to marketplace. The RealmSphere is our private social network where creators and their fans can find each other! Whether participating artists wish to gear their content toward inspirational or mainstream audiences, Realm Makers seeks to encourage them from a faith-friendly perspective.

Realm Makers serves creators and fans with themed groups, livestreamed content, event discounts, and premium subscriptions that come with even more benefits!

Why You Should Join Us

Realm Makers began in 2012, when founder Becky Minor’s vision of creating a faith-friendly event where writers could celebrate all things science fiction and fantasy kicked into motion. Online discussions made it clear that Christian writers of speculative fiction didn’t have a place or event where they could really feel at home. Everyone agreed…the “spec fic” crowd was a couple shades too weird for established Christian writers conferences, and the comic con scene wasn’t really the right fit for most either.

If that describes you--a Christian who loves all things science fiction and fantasy, whether you're a fan or creator--then join us. We're your tribe.

A Big Thanks

The Realmie community has loved and supported Realm Makers since our inception in 2012. We've grown from a writers conference into so much more. THANK YOU for being part of what we're doing. We love that you're journeying with us to reach the stars...and beyond. We couldn't do any of this without you. And we wouldn't want to.